Das Midwinterhoorn – eine entfernte Verwandte des Türmerhorns

Im östlichen Teil der Niederlande, im Gebiet von Twente, wird noch die schöne alte Tradition des Midwinterhoorn-Blasens gepflegt.

In the eastern part of the Netherlands, territory of Twente, here and there people still keep alive the old custom of blowing the midwinter horn.

In Twente wordt nog steeds geblazen op de midwinterhoorn, een levende traditie.



History: No fires, no foes in Münster

This following abstract is written by John Sharp, as a teacher and historian he is a colleague of mine. And furthermore, he is a Mennonite, and thus very interested in the inglorious history of the Anabaptists of Muenster as an essential part of the roots around his own religious existence or identity. Weiterlesen

Hello, this is the police. Are you on the tower?

(I dedicate this story to my English speaking friends all over the world and to my aunt Pat from Canada.)

I will never forget the night when around 11 pm the usually sleeping telephone on the window sill began ringing out of the blue. I almost dropped my cup of tea.

I said: Hello, this is St. Lambert’s Tower, Martje Saljé, towerkeeper speaking.

A male voice: Hello, this is the police. Are you on the tower?

(Well – I briefly considered telling him no, sir, I’m at Stuhlmacher’s Saloon, boozed and busy, please hold the line – but then my good education carried off.)


Jingle Bells in the Spring of 2015

Not „Jingle Bells“ in terms of „Winter Wonderland“, but „Jingle Bells“ in terms of music and, well, bells –

what I’m saying is: I’m really into music, as some of you might know. And, working on a church tower, just above the 8 bells, I am fond of that wonderful sound, and really into history and the deeper meaning of everything that surrounds me.